A Real Music Lover

"With over 20 years in the DJ business, I know the importance of setting the right musical backdrop for your wedding or party. My love for music connects me to a diverse group of party goers. So if you want a music mix with a personal touch, and a large 'Diamond' that doesn't cost too much, let's talk, I'd love to do your party."

What's Different About Diamond Ty
Smooth / Classy / Accommodating.

Flexible, Focused and Fun.

No cookie-cutter events. Every event is custom-designed for your taste.
The music is tailored to your idea of the perfect event.
You create a list of a few important songs and the music program is designed around that list.

Dressed to fit your style. Whether  your taste leans  toward casual or you like the dressy appearance of a tux, guaranteed appropriate.

Arrives early to ensure that setup is complete long before your guests are expected to arrive.

High-quality, professional equipment with readily available backup equipment ensures uninterrupted performance.

Constant  communication and the assurance  of flawless entertainment gives you one less thing to worry about!